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Website Accessibility

Our website has the following accessibility features:

  • Full compliance with prevalent online accessibility standards.
  • Compatibility with screen readers.
  • Keyboard shortcuts to facilitate navigation around the site. Underlined single letters in navigation links show the keyboard shortcut letter.
  • Content language can be set and changed using Google Translate.
  • Font size can be changed by controls within the site.

If you wish to do so, please see the guides below for adjusting the default style, size & colour of standard fonts used in web pages on your computer, as well as changing the background colour:

Internet Explorer - https://www.microsoft.com/enable/products/default.aspx

Firefox - http://www.accessfirefox.org/Firefox_Accessibility_Features.php

Google Chrome - https://www.google.co.uk/accessibility/products/

Safari - http://www.apple.com/accessibility/osx/ (the BBC My Web My Way link below also has practical guides for Safari)

Further help

If you:

  • Have problems seeing the screen
  • Find it difficult to use the mouse or keyboard
  • Need help with language or reading websites

The BBC's 'My Web My Way' site http://www.bbc.co.uk/accessibility/ provides advice on how to make your computer easier to use.

For more guidance on accessibility in Windows or Microsoft Office, visit Microsoft's accessibility pages at https://www.microsoft.com/enable/

For guidance on accessibility in Apple's iOS (used on iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch), visit http://www.apple.com/uk/accessibility/ios/

For help with accessibility on devices running Android, visit https://support.google.com/accessibility/android/

For help with accessibility on devices running Mac OSX, visit http://www.apple.com/accessibility/osx/

AbilityNet is a UK charity dedicated to helping disabled people use computers and the internet. The 'My Computer My Way' section of their website contains a collection of useful guides to making changes that help you see websites and applications more clearly https://mcmw.abilitynet.org.uk/

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